* If you can talk you can sing!

* Yes, EVEN YOU!!

* Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun

* Discover your own natural voice

* Become more confident – experience some singing success!

* Take home skills to start you on your way!

“I really surprised myself, in many ways. I had a wonderful time and came away with more confidence than I felt possible!”
– A Workshop Participant


Through a combination of games, improvisation and simple songs from around the world we’ll explore different aspects of the voice.
Did you know that adults & teens can learn to sing in much the same way a child learns language — through immersion and play?! 
In that spirit, we’ll…


* Create a space of non-judgement, and replace the “cringe,” with curiosity!

* Make all kinds of crazy sounds and noises — just to discover what we’ve got!

* Learn to listen differently and more deeply.

* Discover the profound joy of boldly singing with other people!

* Dig into different learning styles, discovering YOUR best inroads to music learning.

* Discuss the basics of music theory, so you’ll understand more about how songs work.

* Sing familiar songs and learn new ones!

*  We’ll create a tool kit of accessible techniques for you to take home and use as you develop your skills. Discover the joy of your unique voice and let go of that old idea that singing isn’t for you!


“Nancy has helped me along the journey of bringing what I hear inside my head into the world. She brings a patience and a kindness to her process that focuses on joy and emphasizes the pleasure of singing. She has helped me replace my perceptions of singing failure with success, and anxiety with relaxation.”
– Chris, Singing Student


“Nancy seems to have an endless basket of teaching tools and they were all enjoyable. I especially liked moving, scatting and adding rhythm-making to our singing.”
– Workshop Participant



Nancy is a long-time resident of Keene, New Hampshire, she has sung with Animaterra, Halcyon ensemble, Keene World Harmony Chorus, and attends Village Harmony singing camps. She is a lead singer in a small local band called Crabgrass (despite a bit of lingering stage fright). Her love of community singing informs all of her teaching.

Nancy teaches singing to “non-singers,” beginners and anyone who wants to sing more comfortably and expressively. She is the author of the book (and online program), “The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune!” She leads workshops, offers online programs, and teaches lessons in-person and over Skype (or FaceTime).

Nancy is a certified Music for People improvisation facilitator and workshop leader. She is also a center director and educator with Music Together®, the renowned early childhood family music and movement program, and teaches early childhood music programs in a variety of schools. In addition, she leads music-based workshops for team building, staff development, and personal growth for businesses and organizations.