Through discussion and shamanic journeying, we will unravel their unique and poetic vision, their wild and courageous heart, and their deep reverence for the natural world, both seen and unseen.  We will learn how to access, for purposes of divination and wisdom gathering, the Otherworld, and locate our spirit allies there. We will try our hand at shapeshifting, omen hunting and love-talking to nature. We will make power bracelets and bring back a cloak of power from the Otherworld. We will swim with the salmon and run with the deer, as the storied Fianna once did. We will ignite, align and draw inspiration from the three cauldrons of warming, motion and knowing. We will explore the Celtic Medicine Wheel, Samhain and the dark time of the year, the spiritual intention of ordeal, and the transmigration of the soul.

"The shamanic path is a way for ordinary people to live their lives in an extraordinary way, a way of living more wholly and deeply in the world, more peaceably and compassionately.  A way of becoming the hero of your own story."  --Jane Burns


The following is a rough schedule of the weekend. The sessions and breaks will be fit in as they develop between and after meals.

FRIDAY, October 18th
after 4 PM: Arrivals
6:00 PM: Dinner
7:00 PM: Workshop starts

SATURDAY, October 19th
8:00 AM: Self-serve Breakfast
12:00 NOON: Lunch
6:00 PM: Dinner

SUNDAY, October 20th
8:00 AM: Self-serve Breakfast
12:00 NOON: Lunch
1:00 PM: Departures



Jane Burns is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who lives and works in Southbury, CT.  When diagnosed with cancer in 1996, she was inspired to make the journey a spiritual one, and that decision steered her away from chemotherapy and radiation towards choices like energy medicine and shamanism.  In the ensuing years, she studied core shamanism, soul retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, and shamanic teacher training with Sandra Ingerman, Celtic Shamanism and Faery Doctoring with Tom Cowan, and Compassionate Depossession and mediumship with Betsy Bergstrom.  Her ancestry is Irish and Scottish, and her practice is motivated by the challenge of bringing Celtic Shamanism, a broken tradition, back to its original vibrancy.  She started her client practice ( in 2005, and has been teaching shamanism since 2007.  She is also a Celtic Reiki Master, an ordained minister, a writer and inspirational speaker.



Costs for this weekend workshop includes tuition, meals, and accommodations and/or day use. There are three options: Commuter, $340; Shared Room, $450; and Single Room, $510.

Early Bird Tuition is $30 less for each option and available up to one week in advance. Early Bird discount will be applied automatically to the Regular Tuition when you choose your tickets. 


Jane's book, Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook, is available on

When Clare discovers troubling secrets in her dead husband’s papers, she turns to some unusual sources for help.   Through the power and insight of shamanic revelations and tools, she is able to resolve her struggles and restore health and stability to her family in some very unexpected ways. Up A Tree includes a handbook of journeys, tools and tips for readers who wish to access this path of spiritual guidance on their own.