Our caterers, Liz Rogers, Krystalin Pelletier, and Julian Perkins do a splendid job of providing meals for groups. They also cater to specific dietary needs so please indicate the needs of people in your group when you complete the Planning Form. 


Liz Rogers Krystalin Pelletier Julian Perkins

We have two dining rooms at the center.

Currier Hall Dining Room

The dining room in Currier Hall seats up to 24 at rectangular tables. There is also coffee, tea and snack service located in this space.

Retreat House Dining Room

The dining room in the Retreat House has four square tables that can seat eight to 16 people depending on the configuration.


Catering Rates

(per person, per day)

Breakfast $10.00 (self-serve)

Lunch $15.00

Afternoon Snack $2.00

Dinner $25.00

Coffee and Tea Available all day