Concert Series
2012-2013 Season
concerts begin at 7:30 pm and doors open at 7:00 pm

Howard Fishman Quartet
March 23:
Howard Fishman and His Band
Howard Fishman, composer, guitarist and bandleader, has come to be recognized as one of today's most agile interpreters of the American songbook. Whether he is performing his own compositions or drawing on a seemingly endless repertoire of American popular music, it is all filtered through a sensibility and aesthetic entirely his own. Fishman's performances combine the exuberance and spontaneity of jazz with a storyteller's sense of drama, emotional depth and play. The All-Music Guide has called him "an important force in creative music," and The New York Times has written that his work "transcends time and idiom."

Maeve Gilchrist
April 12: harper Maeve Gilchrist with Cellist Eugene Friesen
The evening will include solos and duets from these innovative player/composers in the warm and beautiful acoustics of The Stone Church on the Hill in Bellows Falls. Both Gilchrist and Friesen share a love and respect for the traditions of their instruments while both have been influenced by music from South America, Africa and beyond. The music they make together features rhythmic invention, great melodies, and virtuosic solos.




Fall 2013 Concerts, Our 10th Season
concerts begin at 7:30 pm and doors open at 7:00 pm

September 28: Castlebay
Castlebay has been musically weaving together the heritage of New England and the Celtic lands since 1987. Members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives and blend history, legend and experience into their personal performance style. Their concerts feature poignant ballads sung in Lane's ethereal soprano and Gosbee's rich baritone interspersed with joyous dance tunes played on celtic harp, guitar, fiddle and tin whistle.



Aine Minogue

October 19: Aine Minogue and Friends
As traditional Irish music and dance continue to enjoy phenomenal success both here and in Ireland, Áine Minogue is an artist who has long explored its themes and who captures its very essence. Her voice reflects the lyricism and richness to be found in Irish music, mythology and poetry with a voice undeniably her own and a diverse group of instruments that add to the traditional flavor of her work. Aine will be joined by harpers from her weekend workshop at Immanuel Retreat Center.


James & Drew November 2: "Am Bròn Binn – The Sweet Sorrow: music for harps and voices from the Celtic lands"
Playing both medieval gut and early Gaelic wire harps, Duanlied brings to life the early music of the people of  Scotland ,  Ireland  and  Wales .  Drew Minter, countertenor and James Ruff, tenor skillfully bridge these traditions, exploring the expressive worlds of Gaelic Bards and Lowland poets.  Haunting modal tunes, the lilting sounds of the Gaelic language, Scots songs and rhythmic Celtic dances combine in a concert of unearthly beauty.  Harps and voices join forces to convey early poetry as it was meant to be heard.



Boston MandolinsNovember 16: Boston Mandolins
Formed in 2010, Boston Mandolins is a performing ensemble dedicated to the concert mandolin ensemble tradition. Boston Mandolins brings together the mandolin and its lower-pitched relatives, the mandola and mandocello (along with classical guitar) to explore music, both contemporary and historical, written for this most flexible and expressive genre. Boston Mandolins is in the vanguard of musical groups exploring both newly-composed and long-forgotten works for mandolin ensemble. Directed by Prof. August Watters, Boston Mandolins presents a fresh, engaging and enjoyable concert experience for audiences of classical music, traditional folk music, and fans of the mandolin.



December 7: "Soli Deo Gloria" with Duo Orfeo, guitar duo
Following in the tradition of instrumentalists of the Renaissance all over Europe who arranged polyphonic vocal music for the instruments of their time (lutes, viols, recorders), Duo Orfeo presents a program built around their arrangements for electric guitars of great sacred vocal music drawn from the whole breadth of western musical history. Pairing these innovative arrangements with less directly devotional music, we see the connections between all music that praises, wonders, fears, and exalts, whether its object be God, mystery, beauty, or love. Ultimately, it is through the music itself that the human heart speaks most directly, leaving that which is deepest unnamed.